may 1st 2008 - telekommunisten labour day party at


3 things first

  1. The telekommunisten party ot 1st of may is more then a demonstration, a conference or a collouqium then a wingding party.
  2. The telekommunisten party is more then a cultural network then a politcal party.
  3. The revolution is calling.


open doors from 2 pm.
voiceweb brunch

klatsch und tratsch from the telephony universe and some proper food.

independent telephony infrastructure talk

workers of the world untie

  • “hands on dialstation” and create an own DialstationApi client. in bash, ruby, php or python.

current ways of working together show

throw sounds not stones

  • music from dj. random and maybe others and have a nice evening, because its berlin, its kreuzberg and there we know how to celebrate labour day.

invite others

  • invite nice people who are intrested in using, spreading, creating their own communicationstructure.
  • plazes, upcoming, facebook

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